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Hammerhead IPA

West Coast-Style IPA
6.4% ABV
West Coast-Style IPA brewed with six different hop varietals for an intense citrus and grapefruit character with notes of pine.
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On Point! Stout

Coffee Stout
7.0 ABV
Rich oyster stout steeped on Sulawesi White Eagle coffee beans roasted at Little Goat Cafe coffee house in Newark, Delaware. Notes of chocolate and vanilla round out this delicious, coffee-forward brew.
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Solar Power

Belgian Witbier
5.6% ABV
One of our best sellers! Solar Power is brewed with fresh oranges and coriander, and then cold steeped with the zest from the very same oranges we use in the brewing process. Light, delicious, and great for day drinking during the summer!
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Noir et Bleu

Belgian Tripel
9.0% ABV
Noir et Bleu is certainly one of our fan favorites! Brewed with dried blueberries and black tea, this beer drinks like a lighter beer, but packs a subtle boozy punch. Wine drinkers and beer drinkers come together to enjoy this beer brewed with locally sourced blueberry and black tea from the local Spice and Tea Exchange store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
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Kettle Sour
5% ABV
This naturally flavored kettle sour is brewed with an abundance of blueberries, raspberries, and a hint of lactose.
Prominent notes of fruit, jam, and a subtle tartness makes for a delightfully refreshing experience.
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7.0 ABV
Brewed with copious amounts of flaked wheat, and quadruple dry hoped with Citra, Simcoe, El Dorado, and Amarillo. Juicy notes of fresh pressed tropical fruit, ripeapricot, and honeydew.
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Gobsmacked (Hazelnut Porter)

6.0% ABV
Inspired by the traditional beer English porters would drink on the docks in the Eighteenth century, but with a hazelnut twist. Notes of chocolate covered nuts, caramel, and roasted coffee beans. Nitro Draft at the Brewery only!
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Mexican Lager
4.4% ABV
Atlantico, a new addition to Big Oyster’s core profile, is 4.4% abv and brewed with pilsner malt and flaked maize (corn) to produce a subtle crispness and a clean finish.
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Shuck It

Oyster Stout
6.2% ABV
Shuck It! Oyster stout is an ode to our name Big Oyster Brewery. Historically, Oyster Stout began in the late 1800s when brewers found out that the shell of an oyster is packed with calcium carbonate, which could be used to purify and improve the beer while brewing. We at Big Oyster are keeping the tradition of Oyster Stout alive by adding our own spin on it to make this beer a rich and roasty sweet stout brewed with locally harvested oysters. Hints of dark chocolate and toasty bread will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste buds. Coming in at 6.2% abv, Shuck It will have you dreaming of relaxing days on the bay.
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Hazy IPA
7.7% ABV
A swirl of bright colors and Psychedelic summer days, Tripping is a Hazy IPA brewed with Mosaic Lupomax , Zamba & Nectaron Hops and Cosmic Punch yeast. Distortions of Tropical fruits, Beautiful additions of Passion Fruit & Peach. Tripping IPA will make the world seem meaningful and wonderful. Contains Lactose.
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